Hi, I’m Glen McKnight

Game Designer, Artist, & Hobby Collector

My day job is as a Senior Game Designer. I work on all platforms creating the most interesting games I can for a huge range of audiences. When I leave the office, I create things, paint, build costumes, kite-board, and generally explore life to is extents.

Years of Development

Games Developed

Crazy Ideas


A small sampling of the work I have done over the course of my years in the games industry.

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  • YuGiOh Legacy of the Duelist
    A selection of summon Visual FX I created
  • #IDARB
    #IDARB the game that started as a tweet.
  • Hexic Windows 8
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  • Monsters Love Candy
    What happens when you cross Bejeweled Blitz, Pokemon, & a little bit of hungry hungry hippo?
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone
    Can you survive on an island all alone with hundreds of zombies? Play as the whole squad, or get 3 other friends!
  • Rock Band: Unplugged
    Want to be your own rock band while riding on the bus?
  • Gauntlet DS
    An incredible 4 player dungeon crawl that was never released... at least publicly.
  • Death Jr 2: Root of Evil
    Go on a crazy romp through the world as the son of Death to stop an evil pixie hell bent on getting you grounded.
  • Geist
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My Philosophy

Making games is my passion because creating art that is interactive touches on some of the most meaningful ideas in my life. All through the process of creating games we colaborate and work as a team to create something to be experienced in a very personal way. Every player is more than an observer they become a part of the product they are consuming. And their personal experience is ultimately the reality of the product not what we ship on launch day.

Inclusive Inspiration

Guiding the vision of a game requires a strong understand of your teams strengths, and desires then utilizing those talents to pivot a team towards a greater result.

Exhaustive Exploration

Ideas need to be explored; interactive prototyping, visual designs, and detailed documentation build greater understanding and clarity of vision; leading to a greater final product.

Perpetual Perspiration

Games are hard work. Creating something takes all your effort, energy and perserverance from the day the idea first starts in a sketchbook, to the last day when a Gold Master ships. Staying invested is critical.

Viral Happiness

I believe in the power of happiness. Positive attitudes are infectious and difficult to stomp out. Every project has its dark days, but the ability to see the future and the eventual light has allowed us to move forward.

Got a challenge for me?


I love to get my hands dirty, but I also love just chatting about design problems.


Understanding people, and creating experiences that touch a need.


A new medium demands new ideas. Rapid prototyping and itterations are passions of mine.


Nothing feels quite as magical as when you get that input just right. Let me press your buttons.